Top athlete secret-Learn The truth About Vitamin D In The Next 100 Seconds.

Have you ever felt tired in the morning! Painful muscles and aching, feeling dull and sleepy! After all that hours in the gym no results! Surely athletes not feel like that in the mornings. So what’s the secret to their ultimate health? Obviously, there are multiple reasons like hard work, consistency, and diet. The most important part in all these is the diet . And athletes use some special ingredients in their diet. One of the most important ingredient is vitamin D. Yes! you can boost your gym performance just by taking this amazing ingredient. If you don’t know the truth about vitamin D then you are about to learn in next a minute or two.

If i can ever find a second to get some sun, some vitamin D, I will do so

Haley Reinhart

Why do we need vitamin D

Vitamin d helps our body to absorb calcium and phosphorus from our diet. These two minerals make the most of the bulk of our bones. These minerals assisted by vitamin d prevent our bones from trauma and fractures. Moreover, this vitamin helps in fighting deadly cancers like mesothelioma, prostate, nd breast. It fights over 14 different types of cancers( yes 14!) and most of them being the major killers like breast, prostate and colorectal cancer. About breast cancer, there was a recent report by Science World that showed Professor “Kefah Mokbel” saying that women of every age should take vitamin D supplements, the British breast cancer surgeon. It was published in an article in which professor said clearly:-

I am calling for all women from the age of 20 to be given free vitamin D supplements on the NHS because it is effective in protecting against breast cancer”

                                                                                   Pro. Kefah Mokbel


So, let’s take a look and find the truth about vitamin d.

Overview of vitamin D

  • Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin obtained from different sources like Egg yolk, Beef, Mushrooms, Sunlight for detail read Sources of vitamin D
  • Vitamin D is needed for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus from intestines, building stronger bones, fighting cancer, boosting immunity, protection from cardiac diseases. Read 7 amazing Benefits of vitamin D
  • Vitamin D increases immunity(protects from infections), fights cancer, reduces the risk of cardiac disease. vitamin D is proved beneficial in fighting against cancer, sufficient vitamin D reduces the risk of up to 12 types of cancer from 90%, see Vitamin D fights cancer.

Am I am vitamin D deficient?


Following are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency if you notice any of these visit your doctor, if you don’t want to visit your doctor have your serum vitamin D level tested. Its normal value is between 55-70 ng/ml of blood. Symptoms are:-

  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Weak bones
  • Confusion, anxiety, depression
  • Weight gain
  • Heart diseases.

For detailed knowledge of vitamin D deficiency symptoms checkout

How can I boost my vitamin D intake?


Now knowing all about the importance of vitamin D, its ability to protect from cancer and affects of its deficiency on our body, the question arises so what to do about it! Solution to it is simple, take foods and supplements which are rich in vitamin D go out there and absorb sunlight. Following are the 3 methods to boost your vitamin D levels.



Food is the first choice when it comes to boosting your vitamin intake not just vitamin D but also other vitamins like A, C, and B12. Following are few natural sources of vitamin D

  • Egg yolk
  • Beef
  • Mushrooms
  • Sunlight
  • Cod liver oil

Although they provide a good amount of vitamin D but that amount is not enough to maintain high serum levels of vitamin D that’s why vitamin D from sun and supplements are recommended.

Vitamin D and the sun


Sunlight contains UVB-rays and when they come in contact with our skin produce vitamin D3 which is a most efficient form of vitamin D. Avoid using sunscreen as it inhibits UVB rays from penetrating the skin.

Sunshine is the best medicine

NOTE: Only staying in sun will not get you enough vitamin D, some factors affect it like time of the day, part of the world you are living in and skin color.


Vitamin d supplements


Our body needs a high amount of vitamin D for proper functioning, just diet, and occasional sun exposure does not provide us with sufficient amount of vitamin D. So, supplementation of vitamin D is recommended for people of every age group. There are two types of vitamin d supplements containing D3 and D2. It’s better to take vitamin D3 supplements because it is the natural form of vitamin D that our body make.

After knowing the importance of Vitamin D make sure that you are taking enough of this vitamin. You can obtain this vitamin from multiple sources like sunlight, food,  and supplementation. Which source suits you take full advantage of it.

But the truth about vitmain D is that you could never obtain enough of this vitamin through your diet! You have to add supplementation or sunlight as a source . 

That’s what Top athletes do and if you also want to live like a fitness freak try it out.


Many experts do not recommend sunlight because of increased susceptibility to skin cancer. But vitamin D supplementation is recommended.

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