Surprising new research: Vitamin C outcomes vaccines

How to boost immune system

How to boost immune system

Immunity is our body’s inner capability of fighting harmful organisms attacking our body. So, if our immune system is strong and intact we are protected. The immune system is like our body’s natural firewall protection. Not just this, we can even boost our immune system. More immunity means more health and protection from infections. Now the question arises How to boost immune system? Well, we can boost our immune system by taking the proper amount of immune boosting ingredients in our diet. Few immune boosters are following

In this article, we are focusing on the function of vitamin c in immune boosting. You can read immune boosting capability of vitamin A and D Here and Here.

Vitamin C an answer to How to boost immune system

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that occurs in our food naturally…fortunately! Most of the animals are able to synthesize vitamin C in their body. It was first discovered in 1928 and is considered as an essential nutrient.Our body absorbs this vitamin on different levels depending on the dose. It has many benefits as discussed in

This vitamin is an excellent nutrient as we all know but recent studies show that it could be used as vaccines for different infectious diseases with considerably fewer side effects. Lets see how it can help us out as vaccines.

  • shingles:

Use of vitamin C to combat a number of infections is astonishing, including shingles. Each person was given 2-3000 mg of vitamin C injection after every 12 hours, with 1000 mg in fruit juice given orally after every two hours. Seven of the eight patients got complete relief of pain within two hours of the first dosage. Others received 5-7 injections of vitamin C. Blisters virus began to heal quickly and were completely gone within just 72 hours.

  • Polio:

Vitamin C could play a role in lessening the effects of polio. During a research, polio patients equivalent to thousands of milligrams of vitamin C doses were given every day.None had paralysis and all were well and good just after three days of treatment.

  • Other viruses:

Viruses stopped by vitamin c

A list of diseases, including pneumonia, hepatitis, measles, mumps, diphtheria, and the flu, are cured with the use of vitamin C therapy.In pneumonia patients, 1000 mg of vitamin C is recommended intravenously after every 6-12 hours for normal cases. Benefits of vitamin C are also seen in viral hepatitis patients. Patients were able to perform normal activities in just 2-4 days after receiving 5-700 mg\kg of body weight, taken orally.

  • Lifelong immunity:

Lifelong immunity

It is used not only for the cure but also for prevention from different diseases by making immune system strong enough. Even at very high level, there is no negative side effect of vitamin C dosages. Isn’t it worth giving a try? It reverses disease symptoms, which can help the human body to develop lifelong immunity. Other vaccines and drugs fail to develop this characteristic.

All these factors are more than enough to prove that vitamin C outcomes vaccines. Looking towards its application around the globe world. Hope for the best!

It’s proved that vitamin c can boost our immunity. On the other hand, it’s deficiency produces serious signs and symptoms in the body. For more on deficiency of vitamin c

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