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Vitamin A “Miracle vitamin” List of alerting benefits of vitamin showing vitamin A is a must have ingredient for every person of any age



Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for major systems of our body. This vitamin includes a group of closely related compounds called retinoids and carotenoids. There are different sources of vitamin A

Benefits of vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed for our vision, reproduction, cell differentiation, skin and mucous membrane, protects from cancer, boosts immunity and cures anemia by increasing RBC-count in our body. It is a miracle that nature has provided us a single vitamin with so many benefits, isn’t it? Vitamin A benefits our overall body in many ways most of them are following:-

  • Vision:

Retinol is a form of vitamin A obtained mainly from animal sources. This retinol is absorbed from the intestine into blood travels into eyes in the rods cells. In rods retinol forms rhodopsin which is the visual pigment of rods providing vision in dark because rods are mainly involved in the vision at night. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to the development of night blindness.

  • Reproduction:

Vitamin A is required for growth and differentiation of embryo. Vitamin A is also needed for proper development of gametes in male and females. In males, this vitamin helps in the differentiation of immature spermatogonia into mobile and differentiated sperms. In females, this vitamin varies in its deficiency from mild to the severe form affecting development of gametes. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause adverse effects on reproductive system in both males and females as I discussed in

  • Immune booster:

 Immune booster

This miracle vitamin boosts immunity preventing us from many diseases and pathogens. It does this by helping information of lymphocytes which are main components of our immune system and, maintaining the mucosal lining of our major tracts e:g digestive tract. It causes the formation of B and T lymphocytes from stem cells increasing our immunity and prevents invasion of pathogens into our body by maintaining mucosal barriers. Deficiency of vitamin A decreases our immunity leaving us vulnerable to many infectious agents.

  • Skin and mucous membrane.

vitamin A benefits skin

Vitamin A keeps our skin healthy and maintains its moisturization and prevents it from getting dry. Vitamin A also maintains mucus lining of major tracts like reproductive tract, digestive tract and respiratory tract preventing these tracts from getting infected by the invasion of infectious agents.

  • Acne and psoriasis:

Reduces acne

Vitamin A helps in relieving conditions like acne and psoriasis by making new skin cells. Vitamin A is applied topically in conditions like acne as its treatment. Deficiency of this vitamin aggravates acne and psoriasis. Not all available forms of vitamin A are good for health.

NOTE: Pregnant women should not use vitamin A supplementation.

  • Gene expression:

Increases gene expression

Vitamin A increases gene expression in the body by causing increased conversion of genes into desired proteins through translation and transcription. So, producing desired proteins and enzymes that help in boosting our metabolism.

  • Cancer:

Protects from cancer

Studies have shown that those people who consume enough vitamin A have reduced the incidence of cancers. Mainly cancers belonging to GIT tract like colon cancer, esophageal cancer. Those women which take enough vitamin A are at lower risk of developing breast cancer. Besides these women are also at low risk of developing other cancers like colon and pancreas.

  • Cures anemia:

Cures anemia

Vitamin A causes differentiation of RBC’s from stem cells(precursors of RBC’s). Thus, increases RBC count in blood, precisely raising the Hb (hemoglobin). Which ultimately results in better transport of oxygen in the blood.Thus, curing anemia.

  • Antioxidant:

    Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, another amazing feature of this vitamin. Other vitamins acting as antioxidants are vitamin C and E. Antioxidants:-

  1. Protect us from deadly effects of free radicals preventing us from the oxidative effect of these radicals.
  2. Slow down the aging process( The Major problem for humans!)
  3. Strengthen ourImmune System
  4. Keep our skin healthy and prevent us from fighting skin cancer. Also, check out High Level of Vitamin C Kills Cancer
  • Increased survival rate mesothelioma

Protects from cancer

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer affecting lungs, heart and other organs. It’s too dangerous and causes death in most of the patients. It’s caused by exposure to asbestos, You can stay safe from this killer just by taking the right amount of vitamins, Especially vitamin A, primarily vitamin A boosts our immunity and retinoic acid also prevents cancer from metastasizing.  Read

·         Vitamin A increasing survival rates from mesothelioma


  • Can I take supplements to boost my vitamin A intake?
  • Am I am Vitamin A deficient
  • How much vitamin should I consume regularly?
  • How can I obtain enough vitamin A from everyday diet? 

These are some questions in minds of most of the people out there I will try to answer them:-

  • Can I take supplements to boost my vitamin A intake?

You must be thinking of this, yeah I understand that! And why shouldn’t you, it is so amazing nutrient to have. True, no doubt about that but thing is taking high amounts of vitamin A could cause more harm than good So the answer is No! You must never( Never!) take vitamin A supplement unless recommended by your doctor. Few undesirable affects produced by vitamin A toxicity are:-

  1. Bone issues (decreased bone density, swelling and weakness
  2. GIT disorders( nausea, emesis)
  3. Skin problems ( dry skin, cracking of skin)

For more detail on this read toxicity of vitamin A.

Am I am vitamin A deficient


Vitamin A deficiency is a major issue all around the globe a leading cause of child blindness as we discussed in vitamin A deficiency, most of us are going towards developing this condition without knowing. You would say we can have a blood test for it..simple! Well, am sorry to disappoint it’s not that simple. Liver functions in maintaining blood levels of vitamin A sufficient so blood test will not reveal vitamin A deficiency unless all the stores of vitamin A are depleted. Some signs of vitamin A deficiency are:-

  1. Nyctalopia (Inability to see in low or dim light usually called night blindness)
  2. Decreased immunity (Increase susceptibility to disease)

How much vitamin A should I consume regularly?

This is the first question that comes to our mind after knowing the importance of this awesome vitamin. We should consume almost 2000-3000 IU of vitamin A daily to enjoy a healthy life.

Note: You should avoid doses more than 9,000-1,000 IU daily to prevent toxicity.

for more info on vitamin A toxicity checkout:-

Don’t panic most of us take enough amount of vitamin A regularly from our diet like liver meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables. For more on quantity of vitamin A safe for our health read our previous article

How can I obtain enough vitamin A from the everyday diet?

 Now after knowing all about the importance of vitamin A it’s necessary to know about sources of vitamin A so we can obtain adequate amounts of it. There lots of natural sources of vitamin A like natural dark green leafy vegetables, meat, liver cod oil yet they don’t contain same quantity of vitamin as I explained in previous article Sources of vitamin A. Some important sources of vitamin A are

  1. Liver meat
  2. Cod liver oil
  3. Carrots
  4. Sweet potatoes

The quantity of vitamin A these sources provide is variable some provide enough vitamin A to be used for one week! While some of them even don’t provide enough vitamin A for one day(amazing!) so to know more about sources and quality of their vitamin A content read:-


So, we clearly know that vitamin A must be a major constituent of our daily diet because it helps us in maintaining almost all the major systems of our body.


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