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Welcome to Bidvitamin (Bv) – A community of Enthusiastic Fitness freaks trying to make Earth healthier and better place to live. Here we are focusing on Vitamins because vitamins play a major role in our health and most of us overlook them. Vitamins should not be overrated as they affect our whole body! And you can save lots of Hospital charges just by consuming them….

Hospital charges


Here is what you will find on Bidvitamin:

  •  All about benefits of most famous and important vitamins ( Not about all, Just the most important ones!)
  • Different sources of those vitamins, those sources which are easy to obtain and are within everyone’s reach.
  • Also about few bitter truths about some vitamins like deadly toxicity of vitamin A and the fact about vitamin D.

Our focus is on contributing our work to make Earth a better place to live

People ask me How could you make a difference just by focusing on one thing and with just a blog! My answer to them is

We all should play our roles. Thats’ my role and I am trying to play it

Bidvitamin is the best community for anyone who wants to know about vitamins and live a healthy life. You can also join us by spreading our word on the importance of vitamins.

Thank you.

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