7 amazing benefits of vitamin D that force you to invest in this vitamin


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin obtained from sun exposure, egg yolk, tuna fish and supplements as discussed in the previous article

Vitamin D provides enormous benefits to our health, here 10 major ways this amazing vitamin benefits our body. Today we are discussing 7 amazing benefits of vitamin D. Which are given as:-

  1. Protects from cancer



Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that protect us from cancer other important vitamin providing this benefit is vitamin c. There are large number of studies supporting the fact that this vitamin protects from at least 14 different types of cancers including some of the common types of cancer like breast, prostate colon, and others, for detail on this topic


  1. Keeps bones and teeth strong



Vitamin D helps in proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine. Becuase calcium and phosphorus are major minerals for the strength of bones deficiency of this vitamin leads to weak bones. For more on affects of deficiency of vitamin D

  1. Protects from getting overweight


    Vitamin D in weight loss

Vitamin D has an affect of preventing obesity. In a study of obese people, it was found that most of them had low vitamin D serum levels. More you become vitamin D deficient more are the chances that you would become obese( although exceptions are there). Deficiency of vitamin D causes increased body fat which could cause heart problems and obesity.

  1. A healthy Heart and stroke protection

    Vitamin d keeping heart healthy

Vitamin D keeps body fat levels low thus protects from heart disease and stroke.  A large study which included more than 40,000, men showed that those

“People having vitamin D deficiency were at greater chance of suffering from stroke and heart attack than those who had normal levels of vitamin D”

  1. Keeps depression away

    depression free

Many studies have proved that vitamin D fights depression and keeps your mood fine. Actually, vitamin D is not just a simple vitamin it also functions as a messenger in the nervous system, so it proves the fact that vitamin D keeps you in good mood and positive. In a study, it was found that

“people suffering from depression when given vitamin D supplementation experienced reduced symptoms of depression”

  1. Anti-inflammatory affect


    Anti-inflammatory affect of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It also reduces inflammation up to one-third in many conditions which are same as many anti-inflammatory medicines out there. This vitamin performs such an important function by decreasing the amount of C-reactive protein in the body, which is the main factor for inflammation in the body

7- Immune mediator

Vitamin D as immune mediator


The immune system is the major system of our body protecting us from many lethal infectious agents without immune system survival is impossible for us. Vitamin D also boosts this system by providing cells of the immune system with the basic energy they need.

Now you know the importance of this vitamin so start to take this vitamin from sunlight, diet, and supplements just make sure you have enough of this vitamin in your body to live a healthy life. Finally, we need to know the natural sources of this vitamin. For that read our articles on this vitamin. For instance:-

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